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Tue, Nov 09, 2010

Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue (KVFR) provides fire, rescue and emergency medical services (including ambulance transport) to a large portion of the Kittitas Valley. The area for fire response is approximately 270 square miles and is inside fire district boundaries. Emergency medical services are provided to citizens using the Kittitas County Hospital District One footprint which is approximately 1200 square miles. There are portions of the county that are not covered for fire protection by either a city, fire district, Washington State DNR or the Forest Service. Living outside of a covered area has some obvious disadvantages. Insurance is generally more expensive. Mortgage lenders can often be less flexible and then there is the issue of fire response. If you are not part of a fire department or fire district, you are potentially not going to receive fire response services. The Board of Fire Commissioners for KVFR has authorized providers to respond to fire in areas adjacent to the district and evaluate for life safety. If there is no risk, fire crews have been directed to not engage in suppression activities. If they do, KVFR will bill for the services at state established rates. The theory behind this is that the taxpayers have paid for the service and adjacent land owners have not. It is not legal for that service to be gifted. There are options for property owners not served by a fire district. If you live adjacent to the fire district, you can petition for annexation. We prefer that a group of property owners combine to do this. The property annexation needs to be contiguous addition to the district. If you are not contiguous, your only option is to have a fire protection contract for services. Both options involve some paperwork and will ultimately result in the property owner paying $1.50 per thousand of assessed value for this protection. The process is ultimately approved by the Commissioners and that decision is based on the ability of the District to serve the proposed area without negatively affecting the existing taxpayers. If you are interested in this process or have questions, please contact us at 933-7233.


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